The red concrete of a decorative precast surface gives the building complex designed by the architect Martin Aunin a dashing and modern look.

General information

The building at 9/11 Roseni consists of two volumes above the ground (7 and 8 floors) and a basement floor connecting the two. A hotel and apartment building is planned for the immovable property at 9 and 9a Roseni with various cafes and restaurants and service establishments on the ground and 1st floor.

An office building is planned for 11 Roseni Street. The underground parking floors connects the buildings into one whole.

The first two above-the-ground floors of 9/9a Roseni house a hotel. These floors include public rooms – a foyer, bar, restaurant, beauty salon, and other service establishments, a spa and wellness centre. Floors 3-7 are for apartments.

The apartment building at 9 Roseni is planned to include 49 1- to 4-room apartments. All apartments come with a balcony and the apartments on the 6th floor get to use roof terraces.


In a heated underground garage.


The architect of the building is Martin Aunin.

The exterior design of the building is representative. Plenty of glass, decorative red precast concrete, and clinker tile and brick panel sandwich panels are used. The selected materials pay homage to the milieu of the area and the colour solution harmonizes with the neighbouring buildings. The volumes of the buildings are clear and well-proportioned, calming the inner randomness of the quarter.

The bottom two above-the-ground floors of the building are open and use plenty of glass to create a smooth transfer from the indoor areas to the outdoor areas and vice versa. The building is in direct communication with the surrounding attractive public space.

A small brick and concrete panel paved square is formed between the buildings of 9 and 11 Roseni and 7 and 9 Hobujaama, to which the summer terraces of the restaurant, lobby bar, and café to be opened on the ground floor will extend. The square can be decorated with container plants and specially designed small forms (benches and other small urban elements).

Heating and ventilation

  • Roseni 9 is heated by district heating.
  • The apartments are equipped with underfloor heating.
  • The thermostats in all rooms enable to adjust the temperature in the specific room.
  • The building will be equipped with mechanical inlet and extraction ventilation.
  • The building at 9 Roseni is of energy class B.


The building is built on a reinforced concrete pile foundation.

The load-bearing structures are of monolithic reinforced concrete and the inserted ceilings of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs.

The non-load-bearing walls between the apartments are designed to be made of 150 mm Aeroc Acoustic blocks, covered with 2 x plasterboard on 70 mm structure with 50 mm mineral wool between. Other non-load-bearing walls are to be built of light stone blocks (mainly 150 mm or 250 mm Fibo blocks, plastered) or plasterboard on steel frames, insulated with mineral wool.

Façade and roof

The external walls are mostly designed of light thermal batten structure covered with Raketerm façade panels with brick and clinker tiles glued on the thermal insulation.
The area between the windows is designed of profiled concrete-surfaced wall elements – mountable three-layer reinforced concrete sandwich panels. The outer surface is of coloured concrete.

The load-bearing structures of the roof are mainly of monolithic reinforced concrete, cast with a tilt. The surface of the roof is covered with reinforced concrete panels, which are burnished and covered with a concrete sealant, in the area of the roof terraces, with the Caparol Disboxid Stonecolor‐system 4‐component surface finishing.

Windows and doors

The windows are 1-frame wood and aluminium windows. For added safety, the inner layer of the glazed units reaching the floor is laminated.

The exterior doors of the apartments are fire doors.

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